Levin School of Health Care
Master in Health Care Management

Master in Health Care Management

The Practice of Leadership, the Profession of Health Care.

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Policy and Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Policy & Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Examine the political process relevant from healthcare perspective in this introductory course.


The Levin School of Health Care was established in November 1999, to provide training in theory and skills to those people that want to work in the health care profession.


The Levin School of Health Care will provide training to the adult student. To ensure opportunities for finding employment, the School shall provide the student with an introduction to the dynamics of the health care field and training in the particular program being sought.

To develop a foundation of appropriate skills that prepares the graduate to compete successfully in the professional health care job market the School will:

* Include curriculum that offers the necessary theory and skill development to enable qualified students to gain employment upon completion of the program;

* Employ qualified, motivated faculty to instruct, demonstrate skills and evaluate return demonstrations of those skills from students;

* Provide an appropriate environment equipped to support the various programs;

* Survey employers to identify the skills necessary to be considered for entry level positions;

· Survey graduates to identify areas and skills the Institution should consider incorporating into a program;

· Provide employment placement assistance based on:

a. Knowledge level and skill proficiency the students demonstrate academically and clinically; and

b. Factors such as attendance, class participation, and adherence to school rules and regulations, which demonstrate a positive attitude and responsible work ethic.


The School is owned by Jess Lis, Inc., DBA: The Levin School of Health Care. Jess Lis, Inc., is a corporation formed under the laws of the State of Florida.

Lois Levin, President

Mitchell Levin, Vice President

>> GOVERNING BODY 2206 West Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach Florida 33445 Phone: 561-274-9663 Fax: 561-274-9830

>> ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Administrator Roberta Horn, RN Placement Director Joy Fargo RN Financial Director Mitchell Levin Program Coordinator Kenny Harris, RN

>> FACULTY Roberta Horn RN, AS: Nursing - Broward Community College Coconut Creek FL Medical Assistant Instructor

Kenny Harris RN, AS: Nursing - Saddleback College, Mission Viejo CA Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Instructor and CPR Instructor

David Heller RN, AS: Nursing - Palm Beach Commuity College, Lake Worth FL Patient Care Technician Instructor, Phlebotomy Instructor. Nursing Assistant Instructor

Joy Fargo RN, AS: Nursing - Cuyhoga Community College, Cleveland OH Home Health Aide instructor, (part time)

Patricia Witecha RN, Graduate RN, Akron University and Akron City Hospital, Akron Ohio Nursing Assistant Instructor

>> DESCRIPTION OF SCHOOL FACILITIES The School is located on the Southwest corner of Congress Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, easily accessible from I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. The Palm-Tran buses run north/south and east/west with stops in all directions within 500 feet of the School. The Tri-Rail station is within walking distance of the School. Parking is available immediately outside the School entrance.

The School consists of 3800 square feet, with an administrative/reception area, classrooms, library, phlebotomy and EKG lab, computer lab and clinical lab, a food/snack area. The School is located at 2206 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach Florida 33445.

>> DISCRIMINATION POLICY STATEMENT The School does not discriminate regarding race, creed, religion or the physically challenged.

>> FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE The Levin School works directly with Workforce Alliance. Certain programs are eligible for grants through Workforce Development. Students must visit with Workforce Alliance to determine eligibility.