Levin School of Health Care
Master in Health Care Management

Master in Health Care Management

The Practice of Leadership, the Profession of Health Care.

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Policy and Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Policy & Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Examine the political process relevant from healthcare perspective in this introductory course.



Each program has a specific start and end date. Starting dates are determined at the time of enrollment and are included as part of the Enrollment Agreement. Start/end dates for the programs are listed on an addendum sheet in the back of the catalog.


Start dates may be changed due to insufficient enrollment or may be canceled for lack of enrollment. Environmental disasters such as hurricanes or tropical storms, etc. may have an impact on starting dates or class resumption. If a course or program is canceled, the applicant has the option to wait until a new class starts or may choose to wait for a new starting date or request a refund. All money an applicant has paid for that course or program will be fully refunded. Students that have received tools or books for a course or program will have the cost of same deducted from the refund. Events that would cause the school to close will not affect the students hours when enrolled in a program. Program hours will be extended to allow the students to complete their chosen program in its entirety. This would not be considered a program cancellation and therefore refunds are not applicable. In the event the School should have to cease functioning as a viable business entity, all students attending any program or course will be given the opportunity to continue their training until they have successfully completed the course or program.


The Levin School of Health Care operates on a continuous basis throughout the year except for the Christmas to New Year week. The school is open from 9AM to 10PM, Monday through Friday with occasional classes given on Saturdays.

>> Class hours:

Day classes: Monday through Friday 9 AM-3 PM Sat. 9 AM-4 PM Evening classes: Monday through Friday 6 PM-10 PM


Martin Luther King Jr. Day President's Day Memorial Day Independence Day (July4th) Labor Day Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday through Sunday) Christmas Eve day (December 24th) through New Years Day (January I)