Levin School of Health Care
Master in Health Care Management

Master in Health Care Management

The Practice of Leadership, the Profession of Health Care.

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Policy and Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Policy & Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Examine the political process relevant from healthcare perspective in this introductory course.


The Medical Assistant Program is practically oriented to enable to the student to develop the skills needed to compete in the professional job market. It is designed to introduce the student to working in the physician’s office or clinic, assisting with patient care, scheduling appointments and billing.

The Program is divided into 3 terms consisting of approximately 345 hours of lecture and classroom work, 255 hours of laboratory and 300 hours of externship. This enables new students to enter the Program approximately every ten weeks. One term (ten weeks) is dedicated to teaching related to the administrative portion of the Program, including billing and coding, appointment making, filing insurance forms, telephone etiquette and communication. Another 10-week term is devoted to teaching clinical skills, which include assisting the physician with examinations, measuring vital signs, and performing diagnostic procedures (i.e.: phlebotomy and EKG). The last term is the externship. The externship in a physician’s office is an integral part of this Program. The externship is attended during the last eight weeks of the Program, and consists of 240 hours. Physicians prefer the student do the externship during office hours keeping the same schedule as the regular employees. If the student has other obligations that prevent this time schedule, it must be discussed with the Instructor prior to starting the externship. Special arrangements can then be made.

Externship may not begin until both terms (of administrative and of clinical instruction) has been completed successfully. The Medical Assistant student may not attend the externship until a physical, (done within the last 6 months) is in his/her file.

The graduate Medical Assistant must work two years in the field before being eligible to sit for the American Association of Medical Assistants national test. Students are accepted into the program every ten weeks.

A 4-hour HIV/AIDS, OSHA (infection control), and CPR are included in the Program.

>> Admission requirements: The applicant must be beyond compulsory school age. If the applicant is not a high school graduate (U.S. or Foreign) or has not attained a GED, a state approved test is required with a passing grade of 10th grade reading and language skills. The applicant will be interviewed by the Admissions Director. International applicants that do not have English as a native language will be given a test to show proficiency. A raw score of 50% must be attained on the English proficiency test.

Term of study: 28 weeks / 6.5 months

Successful completion of a course means completing the required clock hours.

Attendance for AD1-AD5 and CL6-CL-9 are determined by the entry date into the program. Externship may not be started until the courses within each term have been completed.

Required Courses Required Clock Hours

AD 1 Basics of Medical Assisting, includes HIV/AIDS 40

AD 2 Medical Terminology 80

AD 3 Computer Technology in the medical office 90

AD 4 Anatomy & Physiology 80

AD 5 Employment Skills 10

CL 6 Phlebotomy 75

CL7 Electrocardiograph for the medical assistant 75

CL 8 Medical Office Procedures 60

CL 9 Pharmacology & Medication Administration/ Math 85

BLS BLS for the health care provider 5

EXT 1 Externship 240