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Master in Health Care Management


The Practice of Leadership, the Profession of Health Care.

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Policy and Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Policy & Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Examine the political process relevant from healthcare perspective in this introductory course.


The Nursing Assistant Home Health Aide program is designed to give the student an introduction to the theory, concept, and practice of responsible patient care. Students will learn various components of basic nursing care which will include the understanding of safety measures, equipment usage, vital signs, nutritional needs, basic medical terminology, basic anatomy and physiology. Students will learn to care for a client in the private home and in a skilled nursing facility.

This program consists of 68 hours of lecture, 52 hours of lab and 20 hours of clinical experience. The student may not attend the clinical portion of the program until the CPR class has been completed successfully and a physical, done within the last 6 months is in his/her file. Mandatory HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and Assisting with Self Administration of Medication must have been completed to successfully complete the program. Certificates will be awarded for each of the above subjects.

The graduate-nursing assistant is required to sit for a state certification test so as to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Upon successful completion of the test the state will issue a certificate as CNA. Application for the state certification testing will be sent to the official testing agency by the school. The cost of the certification testing is for the English version. Anyone requesting the test in Spanish is obligated to pay the difference in the cost. Additional fees may apply as mandated per state and the student will be required to send the extra fees directly to the testing agency.

>> Admission requirements

The applicant must be beyond compulsory school age. If the applicant is not a high school graduate (U.S. or Foreign) or has not attained a GED, a state approved admissions test is required with a passing grade of 9th grade reading, math and language skills. The applicant will be interviewed by the Admissions Director. International applicants that do not have English as a first language will be given a test to show proficiency in the English language. A raw score of 50% must be attained on the English proficiency testing.

>>Term of study

Day classes:

6 weeks Evening classes:

8 weeks >> Transfer of credit

See Transfer of Credit Policy.

Any student that will be taking a state certification test, and has not lived in the State of Florida for at least 5 years, must pay an additional $24 for an FBI background check. The FBI background check is required by the state and is obtained by the testing agency and has nothing to do with the School. Therefore, the School does not receive the results of the background check.

Required Courses Required Clock Hours


HHA I Home Health Aide 66

BLS BLS for the health care provider 5

NA I: Clinical Experience 20

NA II: State Certification Skills Examination preparation 25

N0A III: Role and responsibility of the Nursing Assistant 20