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The Practice of Leadership, the Profession of Health Care.

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Policy and Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Policy & Politics for Healthcare Professionals

Examine the political process relevant from healthcare perspective in this introductory course.



Patient Care Technician ProgramThe Patient Care Technician Program is designed to prepare the student to work in various areas in the health field, including an acute care facility. The Program is comprised of multiple courses, each must be successfully completed before starting the next. Mandated HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, Assisting with Self-Administration of Medication, Basic Life Support (CPR) are included in the first 75 hours of the program.

The student will become competent in many areas of patient care where unlicensed assistive personnel are employed. Student will learn techniques of patient care that will give him/her the potential to work in the home, nursing home or acute care facility.

The clinical portion of the Program will be in an acute and sub-acute care setting. Each course in the Program builds on another. The only exception is that the order of the phlebotomy and EKG classes can be changed but will not be offered prior to the student’s completion of the nursing assistant/home health aide portion of the Program. There are 402 hours of practicum divided between the school laboratory and the acute and sub-acute care facility. Clinical areas are at the discretion of the Instructor. Hours in clinical correlate with the facilities shift times. Clinical times are according to hospital policy. Some area hospitals require that lecture and laboratory for the entire program be completed prior to doing the clinical.

A Patient Care Technician may not attend the clinical portion of the Program until a physical (done within the last 6 months) is in his/her file. Passing the State Certification Test is a pre-requisite to successful completion of the program.

>> Admission requirements:

The applicant must be beyond compulsory school age. If the applicant is not a high school graduate (U.S. or Foreign) or has not attained a GED, a state approved admission test is required with a passing grade of 9th grade reading and language skills. The applicant will be interviewed by the Admissions Director. International applicants that do not have English as a native language will be given a test to show proficiency in the English language. A raw score of 50% must be attained on the English proficiency test.

>>Term of study:

Day class 20 weeks

>> Transfer of credit:

See Transfer of Credit Policy.

State law mandates that a background check and fingerprinting be done for any applicant who has resided in Florida less than five (5) years. The cost is $24.00 and is not included in the cost of the program. Uniforms are not included in the cost of the program. Successful completion of a course means completing the requirements. A Patient Care Technician may not attend the clinical portion of the Program until a physical (done within the last 6 months) is in his/her file.

Required courses Required Clock hours


HHA I Home Health Aide 66

BLS BLS for the health care provider 5

NA I: Clinical Experience 25

NA II: State Certification skills examination preparation 20

NA III: Role and Responsibility of the Nursing Assistant 20

PCA I: Patient Care Assistant 160

EKG I: Electrocardiograph 75

PHL I: Phlebotomy 75

ALH I: Allied Health 100

PCT I Patient Care Technician 50